How to market your business during Covid-19 at Home?

Published: JUNE 1, 2020

Trying to recover your business while staying at home? The Covid-19 pandemic has either closed down or cut down normal business transactions due to lockdown. Sales volume and revenue were greatly affected by Covid-19. Good thing, there is a way to keep your business running.

You just have to ensure your business stays online and connected! Don’t worry, we have broken down a list of strategies for you!




Lately, Social Media have been the best choice to market businesses since everyone is at home and spending most of their time being online. Therefore, start transitioning from traditional to digital marketing. Consistency and Creativity would work perfectly together too as you market your business online. Through Social Media, you could connect with your clients, gain engagements, engage traffic, and earn profit even you are at home!


As you market your products and/or services online, it is important to plan and manage your finances well. Having an Accounting Software that can make working from home more accessible is an effective way to market your business much easier. Cloud-based Accounting Software offers quick and accurate calculation, minimize risk, and manage revenue efficiently even if working remotely.


Using Email Marketing enables you to speak to your audience on an even more personal level unlike indirect methods of reaching out to customers through social media. Getting in touch with leads, potential customers, and clients is very important especially in this time of crisis so they won’t forget about your brand.

Indeed, we have to rely almost entirely online to run our businesses. And you have nothing to worry about, we’ve got you covered!

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