Top 5 Online Business Software for Companies

Published: MAY 25, 2020


Online Business Software is the trend right now especially in times of a pandemic, many companies shifted to online software so as to proceed with the operations and continue doing business amidst the crisis. Many online business software is sprouting and to list down the Top 5 highly recommended Online Business Software, here it is!

1. Facebook – who doesn’t know or use Facebook? This is the best opportunity to explore Facebook if the company haven’t started yet because your Target Audience might be all there and the higher the reach or the more people will get to see your business the more chances that they’ll avail it. Facebook for Marketing has been proven effective but make sure to properly setup your ads and have a dedicated team that will manage your Facebook Business Page.

  1. Fiverr – do you belong in a small business and your manpower is limited especially in areas that needs technical experts? Worry no more because Fiverr offers a variety of services from creating a sales poster up to more technical like fixing website errors, name it and Fiverr has a solution for your company.
  2. Freshdesk – a cloud-based customer support software and helpdesk solution. For companies who offers support services like Software and Hardware companies a Support Ticketing System is very important to lessen customer complaints and improve productivity among the Support Team.
  3. QNE Software – Online Accounting System and Payroll System is what QNE provides for local Philippine Market. Its features are very helpful for Sales, Purchases, Accounting, HRIS, Payroll and Inventory management. QNE Software also provides after-sales services.
  4. WordPress – is a business software and the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS). As per marketers the website is very important as it helps to establish credibility as a business. It shows the core competency and core offer of the business which is very helpful to the target audience who doesn’t have a full idea about your company.

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