COVID-19 Ready Software Companies in the Philippines



Businesses worldwide are in a big shift from a normal way of doing business to the ‘New Normal’. The challenge lies in the company and its leaders that must create an unprecedented move to adapt with the restrictions due to the pandemic.

But luckily in today’s scenario, companies can explore on the technology. It’s a matter of how fast a company would act and initialize its capabilities. Meanwhile, for those who started early in taking advantage of the available technology, its time for you to re-check whether your Business Software is COVID-19 Ready?

These are the factors to consider in knowing that your Business Software is COVID-19 (Pandemic) Ready:

  1. Accessibility – the main goal at this moment is business continuity for the companies to still proceed with their business transactions despite the community quarantine implemented. One thing that enables the team to operate is to have an online Business Software. Accessible Business Software over the internet is very vital.
  1. Budget-friendly – since the crisis has a huge impact in company’s cash flow, business owners are quite conservative with the pricing of the Business Software that they are planning to purchase. It must be within the budget to balance out the expenses for other areas.
  1. Online Support Assistance – local support is one of the key benefits that a Business Software must have especially in times where transactions are crucial in a business. Users must have a reachable team that can assist them on their technical concerns instantly.
  1. Cloud Ready – What is Cloud in connection with Business Software? Simply put, the delivery of different services through the Internet. And now, as all businesses needs to centralize their data Cloud Ready Business Software is very important for the businesses to have accurate reporting for proper decision making.

Now that one of the ways to continue doing business is to take advantage of technology, companies must start to consider acquiring a Business Software it’s not just for today’s benefit but for future progress.

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