How to Reopen your Business: Adapt to the New Normal with Confidence?

Published: JUNE 8, 2020

Did you know that your business can recover from Covid-19? Has your business been struggling since the virus outbreak? Covid-19 is changing how we do business. We have to adapt and think of the strategies and tactics on how to reopen our businesses successfully.

“Adaptability is the simple secret of survival.” If you are planning to reopen your business, being ready and developing a Covid-19 response plan is needed. Here are some tips, so your business can adapt to the new normal with confidence!



Make sure your employees are safe from infection by cleaning and decontaminating your offices regularly. Implementing safety protocol within the workplace and complying with Government’s guidelines are important too.

A great app could also prevent exposure to Covid-19 at your workplace. QNE Software Philippines, Inc. just released their Free Visitor Management System to save and keep track of your employees and customers details as they enter your offices. You may get their temperature, contact details, time in and out, etc. at this system.


In this New Normal, things are different now, we have to work twice as harder than before. Therefore, investing in right tools must be a priority for every business to reopen and stay open. Business Software including Accounting System and Payroll System are such a big help to do things faster, easier, and accurate since manual data entry consumes more time.

Now, is your business ready to reopen? Is your business Covid-19 secure and has a right set of tools?

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