Online Tax Filing Philippines

Online Tax Filing Philippines
PUBLISHED: October 29, 2021

Online, remote, cloud, and via internet are just few of the terms coined when companies started to adapt to the work from home set up. As challenging it is to companies to deal with working remotely, compliance with the government is also at stake. But how can companies deal with Online Tax Filing Philippines with the current setup?

Online Tax Filing

Challenges in Online Tax Filing Philippines


With the changing restrictions set by the government and limited office hours of many agencies, companies opt to adapt to file their taxes online. But not everyone has the capability to purchase accounting software that are compliant with the government requirements.

Choice of Software

As mentioned, not all accounting software is tailored fit to the Philippine settings that is why choosing the right software that will enable the company generate BIR forms and reports in just a few clicks.


Aside from the challenges stated above, non-compliance will ultimately lead to penalties that will of course cost the company its resources and status.

How Online Tax Filing Philippines Works via eFPS?

  1. Register to the bir.gov.ph
  2. Log in using the credentials set and approved
  3. Use eFPS e-file and e-pay taxes

As easy as that!

As businesses adapt to digitalization, many businesses are now doing Online Tax Filing Philippines. By transitioning to the eFPS method of filing and payment, taxpayers can access the BIR’s online facility with complete tax return and required details. With the help of accounting software like QNE Software, companies can have seamless accounting and tax reporting in one software.

If you are interested in upgrading to a BIR-Ready Online Accounting System, take your accounting to a whole new level and unleash the power of AI with QNE Cloud Accounting Software. Create your FREE Cloud Accounting Plan now!

Online Tax Filing Philippines

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