Working in a Software Company



Planning to land a job in a software company? Among the Top 5 Positions with the highest salaries in the Philippines are from software companies, ranging from 40,000 to 70,000 Philippine peso.

Thinking for the most suitable position for you? Know the list of positions available in a software company.

Software engineer can also be called application programmer, software architect or system programmer/engineer. Their work includes designing and programming system-level software: operating systems, database systems and so on. They know both hardware and software function. A software engineer must be good in analysis, logical thinking, attention to detail and teamwork. Many of Software Companies in Philippines is open for this position.

Working in a Software Company

Systems analyst or also known as Product specialist, systems engineer, solutions specialist, technical designer. They investigate and analyze company’s problems and then design information systems that will solve the business’ problems. The process for System analyst includes gathering of company’s requirements, identifying the costs and time needed to complete the project. System analyst must have business and technical knowledge and it requires experience. The skills that a System analyst must possess are the ability to extract and analyze information, good communication, persuasion and sensitivity.

Business analyst or known as Business architect. Business analysts are the mediator of business managers, tech experts and end users. They must study and identify the business process to create a plan resulting to successful solution with the means of technology provided. Business analysts need technology understanding, but don’t necessarily need a technical degree. Business Analysts must have the skills in communication, project management and problem solving.

Technical support is also a Helpdesk support. Technical support people are the troubleshooters of the IT Industry. Many of them works for hardware manufacturers and software companies solving problems of end-users. For fresh graduates, technical support is a great career in software industry. Technical support possesses tech knowledge, problem solving, communication/listening, patience and diplomacy. Usually software companies from different parts of the world, relies in the talent of the technical support based in the Philippines.

Network engineer or Hardware engineer and network designer. Being a network engineer requires more demanding technical knowledge, it involved setting up, administering, maintaining and upgrading communication systems, local area networks and wide area networks for an organization. They are also responsible for database security, privacy and recovery. The job is a highly technical role and progresses to different technical specialization and certification. A telecoms or computer science-related degree is required. Skills include Specialist network knowledge, communication, planning, analysis and problem solving.

Technical consultant or also known as, IT consultant, application specialist. Typically, technical consultants provide technical expertise to, and develop and implement IT systems for, external clients. They can be involved at any or all stages of the project life cycle. A technical degree is preferred, but not always necessary. Skills include communication, presentation, technical and business understanding, project management and teamwork.

Project manager or Product planner, project leader. Project managers organizes people, time and resources to make sure information technology projects meet stated requirements and are completed on time and on budget. This requires experience and a good foundation of technology and soft skills, which are essential for working with tech development teams and higher-level business managers. Skills required includes, Organization, problem solving, communication, clear thinking, and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

Web developer or Web designer. Web development is a broad term and covers everything to do with building websites and all the infrastructure that sits behind them. The job is still viewed as the trendy side of IT years after it first emerged. These days web development is technical and involves some hardcore programming as well as the more creative side of designing the user interfaces of new websites. The role can be found in organizations large and small. Key skills are Basic understanding of web technologies, analytical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

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Technical sales can also be titled as Sales manager, account manager or sales executive. Technical sales may be one of the least hands-on technical roles, but it still requires an understanding of how IT is used in business. You may sell hardware or software and explain the business benefits of whole systems or services. Day to day, the job could involve phone calls, meetings, conferences and drafting proposals. A technology degree isn’t necessarily essential, but you will need to have a thorough technical understanding of the product you sell. Technical Sales must have Product knowledge, persuasion, interpersonal skills and business awareness.