5 Most Important Factors in Choosing a Warehouse Management System Philippines

5 Most Important Factors in Choosing a Warehouse Management System Philippines
PUBSLISHED: April 15, 2022

Warehouses can be overwhelming, yet knowing how your assets are managed is crucial in business. The effort to organize and sort all items is worth the time in the long run, but how do you maintain it? Set yourself up for success by using warehouse management software. Here are the 5 Most Important Factors in Choosing a Warehouse Management System Philippines 2022.

Warehouse Management System
  1. Multiple Warehouse Locations

Tracking multiple warehouses with an easy transfer inventory feature is necessary in monitoring assets for a growing business. It is important to find a warehouse management software that accommodates growth as your business acquires multiple warehouse locations, so you and your employees can oversee the movement of items.

  1. Serialized Inventory

Warehouse Inventory can be an overwhelming task. A great way to manage it is by using serial numbers connected and included to the warehouse inventory software. Storing, ordering, and shipping items are not only tracked, but multiple receipts are produced by an audit trail for the same item.

  1. Lot or Batch No. Tracking

For Philippine companies in the pharmaceuticals and food distribution industries, warehouse management system Philippines requirements include item recording and managing of Lot/Batch no., Expiry Date, and Manufacturing Date. A Warehouse Management software must be able to keep track of the steps of the supply chain process in these fields.

  1. Multiple Unit of Measurement

There are multiple standards in measurement units, make sure that the Warehouse Management system Philippines you choose can be changed according to your needs. Adapting with distributors that use different units of measurement opens up your business to selling, purchasing, receiving, storing, and shipping without any hassle on your end of the business.

  1. Pick and Pack

In choosing a warehouse management software, it also must be capable of creating pick lists and packing lists, as well as produce shipping labels. This makes distribution work much faster and more cohesive by keeping all processes in one system.

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Warehouse Management System Philippines

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