Top 10 Business Must-haves



New business owners often think of what must he possess in order to succeed? Are capital and people enough to sustain a business? Definitely not! So here is the Top 10 Business Must Have that every business needs to take note of.

1. Utilize a System

Every business must consider investing in helpful tools on how to keep track of their Accounting, Inventory, Customers etc. In the market, a lot of software vendors offer an Enterprise Resource Planning Software that handles and consolidates all the business transactions. To name a few QNE Optimum Accounting Software and SAP Business One offers Accounting Software packages in the Philippines.

ERP Software helps in employee productivity and business growth.

Top 10 Business Must Haves

2. Strategy In Hiring Employees

Employee retention sometimes is a burden in a company. Through proper way in acquiring talents and determining the company’s culture, it will be easier to scout and hit the right people that will do the job. Decision making is easier when you already know who you’re looking for.

3. Be online everyday

Always be updated with the latest trends and tips for business in order to keep up with your competitors. It is better to be ahead when it comes to techniques and developments.

4. Marketing that creates engagement

There are a lot of marketing tools available and easy to manage. At this age of Digital Marketing, Google, Facebook and Email Applications are ready for use. The businesses today can target and create engagement with their specific market.

5. Great Customer Experience

Customers are the life of a business without the customers businesses won’t run. Through outstanding customer service, a business will reap loyalty from their customers. And the company will benefit from customer loyalty through continuous purchase of goods and services.

6. Consistency is the Key

Many companies put more effort during the business setup and usually in the beginning. Efforts must be consistent in order to sustain the growth of the company. The long-term positive habits will make money in the long run.

7. Manage your Finances

Have a good financial planning and understand how to handle the business or the areas that may affect your finances. Be a smart and wise businessman in managing your finances. An Accounting Software is very important for a business to monitor sales, expenses and cash flows. SAP Business One and QNE Optimum are among the Accounting System providers in the Philippines.

8. Give back to your community

Joining events with a cause helps in building brand awareness in your local community. It is also a great way to reach your target audience. Consider sponsorship or participating in a community event to promote the company’s vision.

9. Network and Connections

It is not always how many are you connected with but try to create quality connections that can help you stand out against the competition.

10. Have a higher purpose

It still boils down to company’s mission and vision. What will keep a company going? It is not just sales, sales, sales but a purpose which will keep the business on track. It may be giving back to the community with the use of the service that the business is known for. Or promoting an advocacy. At the end of the day these things will reap success to the business.