The Future of Accounting Philippines: What the Future Holds

The Future of Accounting Philippines: What the Future Holds
PUBLISHED: October 1, 2021

A few years back, some said that by the year 2020, people will be riding their flying cars, not airplanes but cars. Very futuristic, right? As humans, we always wanted to know what our futures hold. We wanted to know what we will become in the next five or ten years. We wanted to know where we will be in the coming months. We wanted to know basically everything we can to realign our present to meet our future. And being in the business field, we wanted to know the future of accounting Philippines and how it can affect our operations and let alone our profession.

The Future of Accounting Philippines

Pre-Pandemic Business Scene

Before the pandemic hit everyone in the world, businesses do not heavily rely on business solutions or software far from the future of accounting Philippines. Some might not even use any to help run their businesses. This is because in some cases business owners are skeptic to use any software. But take note that there is already an array of software to choose from in the market, from accounting software, ERP software, CRM software, affiliate software, and more.

During Pandemic Business Scene

When the pandemic hit, it paralyzed every business, every person, everyone in the world. Businesses have to shut down due to restrictions and safety of their employees and customers. Some are unfortunate that they totally needed to stop operations for good while other are lucky enough to bounce back. Some businesses are fortunate enough to be able to continue with their operation because of technology. How? They brought their businesses online. Some companies made presence in the online world by creating their online stores and delivery, while others converted their traditional way to a more digital way. Take for example a company’s accounting, they opted for an accounting software that enables them to work freely anytime, anywhere with the use of internet. Here, you can see the future of accounting Philippines where before, we are confined with the pen and paper method of doing our accounting up to now where in just a matter of clicks we can generate forms and reports to help our company’s decision makers.

Beyond Pandemic Business Scene

What will be our way of living after the pandemic? Will we go back to the old ways or progress forward? The future of accounting Philippines is at the tip of our fingertips. Beyond the pandemic, we, accountants and business people will heavily rely on technology. We will make use of the available software that can and will help our business and operation function well. But that does not mean that technology will replace us, humans. Technology will just make our work easier and effortless.

Skills for the Future Accounting Philippines

Without a doubt, one of the skills that our accountants must possess is their knowledge in using technology, no necessarily tech savvy but at least knowledgeable. There are many accounting software like QNE Software that offers both cloud and on-premise access that are both user-friendly and can easily be understood.

Another skill that the Future Accounting Philippines must have is the ability to understand the data presented to them. Accounting software come with different format of reporting that us, accountants must learn to interpret in order to make sound decisions for the organization.

The future of accounting Philippines is in demand. We shouldn’t worry about AI replacing us. Because aside from the hardware and software, we, the peopleware are also vital in running a successful business.

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The Future of Accounting

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