Starting Right with Business Software


Are you planning to start a business but you have no idea how to manage your data effectively and efficiently? Did you know that 82% of small business failures are due to issues with cash flow (VisualCapitalist, 2017)? However, your business need not to belong to this percentage if you will start your journey right with a business software!


Business software is a computer program used by businesses to do various business functions. It helps the company to determine their performance, financial stability, actions to be done in the future to improve the company’s operation and survive the increasing competition. Effective and efficient managing of data leads to increase in productivity, improve efficiency of staff, appropriate decisions, alter paper processes, effective and timely communication with the employees, suppliers, customers and partners.

There is different business software that could help your company to operate effectively especially in managing different data such as Financial Statements, Stocks, Customers, Suppliers, Human Resource and etc. Here are some examples of business software and their functions:

  • Payroll Software- is a type of software that records employee’s salary, deductions, contributions, time and attendance, history, and leaves/ absences.
  • Accounting Software– is a software that records and processes accounting transactions with funcltional modules such as General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales, Purchases, Inventory and etc. (link: )
  • Billing Software- it handles billable products and services that are delivered to consumers. The preparation of invoices can be done in this software.
  • Database Software- is used for storing and searching information such as client list.
  • Asset Management Software and many more!

One of the emerging needs of companies nowadays is an accounting software. Simply stated, you might consider having one too since it would help your company manage its finances and track its progress. It’s a hassle-free monitoring of your data!

QNE Software Philippines Inc. can help you start your journey right with its BIR Ready Accounting System. To know more about our accounting software, you may call us at (02) 8567-4248 /

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What are you waiting for? You may start your journey right with us now!