Small Business Ideas Philippines: Quarantine Edition

Small Business Ideas Philippines: Quarantine Edition
PUBLISHED: August 23, 2021

With the Covid-19 Pandemic hitting the whole world, people are left to find sources of income most especially those who were trenched from their works. While some experts saying that establishing a business in time of pandemic is not a great idea, some argues that it’s the other way around. Let us tackles a few small business ideas Philippines in time of quarantine.

Small Business Ideas Philippines
    1. Preloved Items Online Selling – one of the in demand small business ideas Philippines is practically selling anything online. From fresh produce, bottled goodies, homemade products to RTWs. This is also one of the most practical since there will be little or even no capital in starting such business. Just simply set up a good background, look for your preloved clothes, upload on the internet and wait. Wait for the buyers to say “mine” on your goods.
    2. Homemade Goodies – another great small business ideas Philippines during this pandemic if you have a passion for cooking or baking is selling your homemade goodies. Whether you like cooking scrumptious meals or baking sweet and savory pastries, combine that with the amount of time you spend at home watching series, surely this is the one for you. So, you better start listing out your ingredients and try selling small amount at a time.
    3. Plantito and Plantita – yes, you read that right! If you have a green thumb and passion for taking good care of plants, this business is for you. Indoor plants that become a success during the pandemic since people cannot really go out of the house and opted to bringing their plants indoors.
    4. Sell Services – this small business ideas Philippines is great if you have a passion in writing or knowledge in specific areas for tutoring. Outsourcing copywriters and tutoring is also an in-demand job nowadays. With doing what you love and working only during the times you feel like it, this is the perfect fit for you. Just make sure you have a quiet work station and gadgets to support your labor.

Starting a small business in time of pandemic is really not a bad idea. You just need to find the perfect small business ideas Philippines that will suit your passion and of course budget and start earning during this crisis.

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Small Business Ideas

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