QNE Accountants Program Seminar – Bacolod City

by Maria Fe for Uncategorized

Maayong Adlaw Ilonggos!

Accounting transactions and report generation especially when you are beating BIR Deadlines is time consuming and can cause a lot of stress. That’s why most of the time you pay penalties, you miss bonding with your family or you don’t have time to relax.

But wait, this should not be the case! We want to help you our Dear Ilonggo!

1. ✅ Enjoy the automatic generation of BIR Forms 2307, 2550Q, 2500M, SAWT, MAP, 1601E, 1604E, SRS and more!
2. ✅ Less effort in creating of BIR Dat File.
3. ✅ Easy generation of Financial Statements.
3. ✅ General Ledger, AR, AP Modules

For a hassle-free Accounting transactions, sign up now in QNE Accountants Program!