RR No.8-2023 Explained: Senior Discount Online

RR No.8-2023 Explained: Senior Discount Online
PUBLISHED: August 15, 2023

In a move to enhance accessibility and streamline purchasing processes for Senior Citizens (SCs) and Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), the Philippines’ Bureau of Internal Revenue issued Revenue Regulations (RR) RR No. 8-2023 – Senior Discount Online on July 26, 2023. This regulation sheds light on the necessary details for official receipts and sales invoices, specifically tailored for senior discount online (E-Commerce) and mobile application purchases, building upon the framework of RR No.10-2015.

Senior Discount Online

One of the notable changes introduced by this regulation is the exemption of the signature requirement for Senior Citizens and PWDs when making qualified purchases through online platforms or mobile applications. While RR No. 10-2015 previously necessitated their signatures, this newly clarified rule from RR No. 8-2023 eliminates this step, making the purchasing process more seamless and user-friendly for applying PWD and senior discount online.

Instead of a signature, Senior Citizens and PWDs are now required to provide their respective Identification Card numbers to apply their PWD and senior discount online and in mobile application purchases. This change from the new RR No. 8-2023 ensures that the entitlement rules and tax deductions, in accordance with RR No. 7-2010, RR No. 5-2017, JMC No. 01 s.2022, and any future issuances related to SC/PWD purchases via digital platforms, are meticulously followed.

These amendments not only simplify the buying journey for SCs and PWDs but also contribute to a more inclusive and accommodating shopping experience. The RR No. 8-2023 aims to align the regulatory framework with the evolving landscape of digital commerce or Ecommerce Platform, recognizing the importance of adapting regulations to technological advancements even for PWD and senior discount online.

By embracing this progressive approach, the Bureau of Internal Revenue demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the lives of SCs and PWDs, ensuring that their rights and privileges are upheld in the digital age. As technology continues to reshape the way we conduct transactions, these updated regulations serve as a reminder that inclusivity and convenience can go hand in hand.

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RR No 8 2023

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