Recommended Business Software for SMEs

Published: MAY 11, 2020

SMEs accounted for up to 90% of businesses worldwide, 50% of employment, and contribute up to 40% of national income. SMEs are critical to an economy especially this time of Covid-19 crisis but having a right business software can help SMEs survive the economic fallout. SMEs must use Business Software to manage and improve access to their Business Data. Take a look at the best systems for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises:


  • Document-Sharing Software

Most small businesses have to send and receive files at some point. File sharing programs allows you to share large files and has the capacity to send them quickly and secured.

  • Accounting Software

This system is important when it comes to managing billings, invoices, and other kinds of financial transactions. Accounting Software will help you know more about your company’s financial performance.

  • Inventory Management Software

Inventory is vital to every Small and Medium-sized enterprises. This software helps you manage when will an item will sell out, do you have excess stock, do you have to restock your products, or if the items were out of stock.

  • Payroll Software

Payroll Software records employee’s attendance and hours worked. It is a system that minimize the need for employer to handle all calculations which eliminates human error and makes calculations quicker and simpler.

  • Marketing Software

Most of small businesses don’t have their own Marketing Consultant, therefore, it is important that they have right system to help them plan a marketing strategy. This software allows you to manage your marketing campaigns and assets, provide attractive templates, and find qualified leads.

Now, what do you think is the most suitable software for SMEs? Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered! QNE Software Philippines, Inc. offers cost-effective packages depending on the requirements of different industries whether you have small, medium, or large company.

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