F@ST Solutions and Technology, Inc.

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FAST is a startup management consultancy firm built for, designed for, and dedicated to the success of growing enterprises and organizations, i.e. micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMES), non-profit/non-governmental organizations, and start up businesses.

We believe that growing enterprises, especially MSMEs, are the backbone of our economy, making up 99.5% of business establishments in the Philippines. And yet, the sector doesn’t always have it easy, especially with COVID-19 pandemic crisis hitting micro and small businesses the hardest. Improvements in financial analysis, skill development, and business knowledge are needed – and they’re needed fast.

Our job at FAST is to nurture small, local, start-up businesses and empower up-and-coming entrepreneurs to see a thriving Philippine economy driven from within. Our founders, led by Mark Ablang, are firm believers in the power of modest yet innovative ventures to transform the entire economic landscape. Equipped with a clear vision, FAST was launched with a mission to bolster small and medium enterprises through the finest finance and management practices in the business.

The “New Normal” can either be treated as a threat or an opportunity. We believe that now is the best time to pursue new business ideas and build better business models. More than ever, business planning and technological adaptability are critical to survival, which is why FAST delivers Firm-driven, Agile, Simplified, and Tech-based solutions that help you and your company focus on what you do best.

Kickstart your scale-up journey with FAST!


  • Integrated Business Reporting
  • Business Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Management/Board Reporting

Business Compliance

  • Business Registration Services
  • Management Reporting and Analysis
  • Government Compliance Review (i.e. BIR, LGU, SEC, DTI, others)
  • Internal Controls Implementation

Performance Management

  • Integrated Business Reporting
  • Business Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Management/Board Reporting

Digital Transformation

  • Digital Business Tool Implementation
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Accounting Information System (AIS) Development
  • HR/Payroll Management System

Growth Strategy

  • Project Feasibility Study
  • Organizational Development Planning
  • F&A Learning and Development Training
  • Business Marketing Strategy
  • Other technical management advisory services


By 2030, to be the leading management consultancy platform in ASEAN region that focuses on the growth of MSMEs by providing end-to-end services.







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Head Office: 2nd Floor Metrowalk Complex, Weremote Building C, Pasig City, 1604 Metro Manila



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