List of Software Companies in the Philippines with Online Capability

Published: APRIL 27, 2020


With the current “New Normal” businesses not just in the Philippines but all over the world must adapt and continue to do transactions with their customers but how will it be possible when there’s limited work setup and majority works from home? Well better use an Online Tool and here is the ‘List of Software Companies in the Philippines with Online Capability!

  1. Zoom Video Conferencing App – an American communications technology that was founded back in 2011. The “Zoom Trend” is popular specifically because of COVID-19 Pandemic where teams must communicate and see each other virtually. Zoom App is free for 100 devices with 40-minute restriction. Meanwhile an upgrade is needed if the team or company requires more.
  2. Trello – team tasks monitoring is quite a challenge when team doesn’t see each other regularly for a face-to-face update of projects. That’s why Trello is quite popular right now because of it’s simplicity and flexibility to keep track of the project’s status and its capability to manage different scenarios that must be monitored real-time
  3. Google Drive – this is the answer for sharing big sized files. Google drive offers 15GB Free Storage of files of any type, videos, photos and documents. You just need to upload the file in the drive and generate a download link that can be accessed by the people in your organization and for security purpose, you can limit who can download the file.
  4. Telegram – a messenger platform is an important tool not for team’s communication anytime anywhere. And what makes telegram on top of the available messenger platform is that, it is capable of sending large files to your teammates. The user-friendly Graphical User Interface makes it less-complicated also.
  5. QNE Online Accounting System – for a company to continue with the operations an Accounting and Inventory System which can be accessed over the internet is a must. Imagine creating your Sales, Purchases and Inventory transactions online and even at home? It makes the job easier also for generating Financial and BIR reports that’s vital in time of pandemic.

Know the Online Software available in the Philippines and see what’s best and will work for you. A company like QNE Software Philippines plays a vital role for you to survive with the ‘New Normal’. See for yourself! Contact QNE Software Philippines now, you may reach us at 09177104722 or email us at [email protected].