Best Nonprofit Accounting Software in the Philippines

Best Nonprofit Accounting Software in the Philippines
PUBLISHED: September 16, 2022

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you work at a nonprofit organization — a non-governmental organization (NGO) or a social enterprise — that needs to manage accounting efficiently. No matter what your specific accounting needs are, there is probably one universal truth: The less time and effort expended on bookkeeping service means there’s more time for impactful activities. Here’s the best nonprofit accounting software in the Philippines:

nonprofit accounting software

What is a nonprofit accounting software?

An ideal nonprofit accounting software is a system designed to automate financial processes, increase efficiency in bookkeeping, improve the accuracy of financial records, and to create a standard set of financial reports and provides the option to customize reports to meet specific organizational needs. 

What should I look for in a nonprofit accounting software?

If you work at a Philippine NGO, then you might already be familiar with the pain and frustration of trying to find accounting software that meets your unique needs. It’s a difficult process that many find frustrating due to the lack of suitable options available.  Let’s take a look at which type of qualities in a nonprofit accounting software might be best for your organization. 

  • Ease of Use

A nonprofit accounting software is designed to be easy to use regardless of your level of experience with bookkeeping. A good nonprofit accounting software is designed for people with all different skill levels, including those who don’t have a background in accounting, and would not slow down the important work you are trying to achieve. 

  • Higher Accuracy

When you use a nonprofit accounting software, you’re less likely to make mistakes when recording transactions or calculating figures. This is because most software has built-in checks that verify that data has been logged correctly. 

  • Better Controls

When you use a nonprofit accounting software, you have better control over financial transactions. This is because you can easily view transaction details and change information that has been logged incorrectly. 

  • More Standardized

A nonprofit accounting software can help your organization standardize your financial data across multiple units or branches of your organization. One can set the report format according to your brand so possible investors can see that you are on top of your business.

When you use a nonprofit accounting software, you can expect to save time on virtually every aspect of bookkeeping. This includes everything from data entry to report generation. Make nonprofit accounting quick and easy with QNE Software! If you are interested in upgrading to a BIR-Ready Online Accounting System, take your accounting to a whole new level and unleash the power of AI with QNE Cloud Accounting Software. Create your FREE Cloud Accounting Plan now!

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