Software Companies That Offer Inventory Software Philippines

There are many Business Software providers in the Philippines that offers Inventory Module but one company that stands out is QNE Software Philippines, Inc. In this article, you will know the Inventory Module Feature of QNE Accounting System for…

Software Companies That Offer Inventory Software Philippines

Having a business is both a gain and a challenge for business owners. Keeping track of its progress is another story especially when it comes to managing its inventory. Many businesses struggle to properly handle their inventories leading to their losses, that is why the need for Inventory Software Philippines rise up. There are many software companies in Philippines that offers Inventory Software, one great example is QNE Software Philippines, Inc. which is known being cost effective and government compliant.

Inventory Software


âś“ Save time and MONEY!

Talking about hitting two birds with one stone, having an inventory software Philippines doesn’t just help companies to save time but also money. But how? With proper inventory management system, companies tend to save money by being updated with the latest stock in and stock out avoiding over and under production of goods that can lead to company’s loss. With that being said, companies also able to save time by doing decision making in just a minute or two.

âś“ Organized Warehousing

When a company has an inventory software, keeping their warehouses in order is easy! With just a few clicks then and there, they will know where to properly put their items for an efficient inventory and supply chain movement.

âś“ Integration with other Software

Most inventory software Philippines are open for integration with other software to help businesses have a more streamline business process. Some integrations include POS integration and Accounting Software

âś“ Making Optimal Business Decisions

With the right inventory software Philippines, management level can make major and instant business decisions that can either make or break their company.



Inventory Software

Multiple Warehouse Location 

Most of the Inventory Software available in the market can track inventory across multiple warehouses. But QNE Inventory Software Philippines can handle unlimited number of locations and has a feature to transfer inventory from one warehouse to another.

Inventory Software

Lot or Batch No. Tracking

Companies working with pharmaceuticals and food distribution can easily manage and record Lot/Batch no., Expiry Date and Manufacturing Date of their items/products through supply chain process.

Inventory Software

Barcode Scanning

Optimize Inventory Management by using Barcode scanner and QNE Inventory Software Philippines to improve efficiency and accuracy of data collection. With barcode integration, you can do more tasks in a shorter amount of time, and with less manpower involved.

Inventory Software Philippines

Pricing and Discounting Rules

Make your customers feel appreciated by offering discounts, promos or special pricing!  In QNE Software you can set up unlimited number of pricing combinations with validity.

Inventory Software Philippines

Online Customer Portal

As part of QNE-Digital, Online Customer Portal is a self-service customer platform that provides a single point of access to company information that is relevant to your customers, such as invoices, deliveries, orders and online payments.

Inventory Software

Serialized Inventory

QNE Inventory Software Philippines automatically tracks serial numbers when inventory items are stored, ordered and shipped. It also includes the Serial Number audit trail to track multiple receipts of the same item.

Inventory Software

Multiple Unit of Measurement

Set your units up exactly how you want them! QNE Inventory Software Philippines permits Flexible Unit of Measurement per item which allows distributors to sell, purchase, receive, store, and ship in any unit of measure required.

Inventory Software

Pick and Pack

Ship orders faster by creation of pick lists up to packing items for shipment with labels. QNE Inventory Software Philippines will help you maintain high levels of accuracy. This will also mean getting your orders out the door quickly, and your customers are kept happy!

Inventory Software Philippines

Online Ordering Portal

QNE Inventory Software Philippines can be fully integrated with QNE-Digital as B2B Ecommerce Platform which allows your customer to place orders on-line, look up for product information and review your customer’s specific order, payment and delivery arrangement.

Inventory Software Philippines


The in-depth Accounting module of QNE Optimum provides accurate, real-time look at your business’s financial condition that includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable Module and important government reports.

QNE Optimum Accounting System

Inventory Software Philippines


Choosing the right Inventory Software is beneficial to the company but another thing to consider when purchasing the perfect software for the business is to decide whether to have it available only via premises or via cloud. Here’s a comparison of having an on-premise vs. cloud Inventory Software:

Inventory Software Philippines


  1. SMEs engaged in Trading and Distribution
  2. Logistics Companies
  3. Construction Companies
  4. Businesses with Consignment Agreement
  5. Manufacturing Companies
  6. Food and Beverages Companies
  7. Businesses that Import and Export Products

No matter how hard and complicated business operations may be, QNE Software can help companies put everything in array. QNE offers a 60-days FREE Inventory Software Philippines License of the QNE Inventory Software to let you experience the change that it can bring to your organization! Sign up now. Click the image below!

Inventory Software

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