How Important a Business Software is in Time of Covid-19 Crisis?

Published: MAY 18, 2020

With most of the companies, not just in the Philippines, but all over the world are working from home, business software plays a vital role. The Covid-19 Pandemic has already changed the game of business. From doing everything personally, people now preferred to go online, use applications and other business software in order to suffice their needs.

Whether your company is big or small, business software can aid you in managing your business especially during this time of crisis. So, how important is having a business software in time of Covid-19 and other crises can be?


Let’s enumerate some below;

  1. Team Management – human resource is the key of all organizations. But how can you keep track and manage your team’s activities thus their productivity? There are a lot of business software that can help you with that such as Trello and etc.
  2. Meetings and Webinars – since everything is online now, there are many business software that can host meetings and webinars such as Zoom, Google Meet and etc. making communication easier and clearer.
  3. Document sharing – unlike before the pandemic, file storage and sharing can be easily done via flash drives but since most of the employees are far from one another, cloud storage became the solution. Some examples are Google Drive and iCloud but there are a lot in the market.
  4. Accounting Management – business software such as accounting and payroll software are as much important than other business software in the market. This business software can help companies and organization monitor and keep track of their finances as well as the growth of the company. Reports that can be generated in an accounting system (QNE Website) are the basis of making important decisions in the company.

 How is your company doing during this time? We are hoping that we will be able to get through with this Covid-19 Pandemic and face a prosperous future ahead. For more information about QNE Products and Services, you may call us at 0917 7104 722 | 0917 705 5405, Message us at our official Facebook Page or visit our website at www.qne.com.ph.