Top 3 Red Flags to AVOID in a Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

Top 3 Red Flags to AVOID in a Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
PUBLISHED: June 24, 2022

As a growing Philippine business, you have noticed that multiple spreadsheets aren’t cutting it anymore in storing all employee data and all government requirements. It has become overwhelming and so, you started actively looking for a Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) for your company.

Congratulations, your HR work is about to become more organized, if you find the best system for you. There are a lot of Human Resources Information Systems or HRIS available on the market, but let us tell you what qualities in a HRIS to AVOID so you can eliminate unqualified systems and invest in the best HRIS for your company.

🚩RED FLAG #1: Unreliable 

An unreliable Human Resources Information Systems or HRIS has a set system that cannot conform to the needs of your business. 

The HRIS to invest in should be trusted and proven reliable. It should be able to fulfill basic HRIS functions such as a Comprehensive 201 File, Employee History, Loan Monitoring, Leaves Monitoring, and a seamless Importation of Master Files and 201 Files. 

It should also cover Time and Attendance and Payroll Management basics. More than that, it should also answer other different business set ups such as Flextime and Compressed Work Week. 

Long story short, a reliable HRIS can adapt to the needs of various companies no matter the configuration.

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🚩RED FLAG #2: Complicated

The dream HRIS should not be complicated and should be quick to learn and easy to use. 

Your Human Resources Information Systems or HRIS must let your staff have a straightforward learning experience–from encoding, analyzing and reporting of employee data. The goal is to eventually lessen the manual paperwork of HR Staff, freeing up time for more important work and making delegation easier. 

Easy HRIS onboarding is done with a great implementation and support team by the software provider. Before purchasing, make sure that the HRIS providers can train HR staff and answer your questions promptly moving forward. 

🚩RED FLAG #3: Not Localized 

You should not consider a Human Resources Information Systems or HRIS that is not TRAIN Ready and Philippine Government Compliant!

The HRIS you should be looking at must be able to generate SSS, PAG-IBIG, Philhealth and BIR Reports within the system, as it will be the most efficient move for your staff and your company. 

It’s also important to ask your potential Human Resources Information Systems or HRIS providers if they can update the system based on changes in Philippine government policies, so you can ensure that your system is not outdated and time in your business is not wasted.

Now you know what signs in a HRIS to avoid, you’re wondering what HRIS that is Reliable, Uncomplicated, and Localized to Philippine Government Requirements. 

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