ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Companies


Pharmaceutical Companies have a special process compare to other industries. The company’s process includes planning, purchasing, inventory, product management, medical tools and equipment management, quality management, wastage elimination, Sample management, sales, marketing and human resources etc.

Real-time data from all Pharmaceutical Company divisions must be consolidated and available all the time to lessen errors and increase the efficiency and productivity of all departments. ERP Software enables companies to have seamless process and movement throughout the company.



What are the ERP Features that a Pharmaceutical Company needs?

  • Production Management
  • Inventory and Material Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Distribution Management (Batch and lot tracking)
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Waste / Expiry Management
  • Document Control & Management
  • Multi company Feature
  • Multi User and Multi Currency
  • Quality Assurance Module
  • Purchase Management

Benefits of an ERP Software in Pharmaceutical Companies

  1. ERP Software helps companies to have higher Production Rate.
  2. Handling of Accounting, Sales and Purchases Transactions will be seamless and accurate in ERP Software.
  3. Quality Control and quick drugs distribution will be met.
  4. Increase in Profit will be felt due to reduction of wastage and real-time Inventory Control.
  5. Better Customer Service will be delivered by the company.
  6. Management can generate on-time, accurate and consolidated reports.
  7. Better handling of manufacturing means reduction of risk in delivering medicines.

In the current situation, Pharmaceutical industry faces number of challenges such as reforms, compliance and global competition. Expiration issues and demanding clients are also one of the challenges. These scenarios are the turning point for the Pharmaceutical Companies to acquire an ERP Software.

Now that ERP Software in the Philippines is on reach, many are benefiting to its special features.

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