Published: May 7, 2019


ERP Software has a lot of modules to offer but what are the modules that are often very important to a business when acquiring an ERP Software. Here is the list:

1. Project Management Module in ERP Software

This is important for those companies who monitor the sales and expenses per project like construction and manufacturing companies.

2. Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SCM is available in an ERP Software. It keeps track of the flow of goods and services and the processes that transforms raw materials to final product.

3. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is mainly the production of goods or products used for sales using machines and engineering. The module must control the production cost, forecast production capability, quality control, expenditure etc. The ERP Software must keep the data of the production for sales forecasting and costing.

4. Accounting

The recording of financial transactions, the assets including accounts receivable and accounts payable. Accounting Module is one of the main the focus of an Enterprise Resource Planning System. Since it gathers financial data it can generate significant reports for a business to run and to comply with the government standards. Such reports include Financial Statements and BIR Forms.

ERP Software Modules

5. Human Resource Module

HR Module makes it easier for the company to manage its employees Daily Time Recording, Allowances, Deductions, Loans, Benefits, salaries, payroll etc. By having this module in an ERP Software, businesses may easily track its employee’s status and its expenses for salaries and wages.

An ERP Software not just handle Accounting and Payroll but also other modules like Production, Supply Management, Projects etc. Enterprise Resource Planning System is like a one-stop shop for its users because it can give them the tools that they need or will need in the future.