Benefits of an ERP Software to Businesses

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Imagine a company with more than 250 Employees, each employee is using a computer and they are working hand in hand towards achieving the same business goal, but each computer is…

Benefits of an ERP Software to Businesses
Published: March 11, 2019


Imagine a company with more than 250 Employees, each employee is using a computer and they are working hand in hand towards achieving the same business goal, but each computer is stand-alone, and data is motionless. Yes, business goal may be achieved but how fast? Is progress attainable? That is why ERP Software is available for businesses! Know the benefits of an Enterprise Resource Planning can do for you?

That is why Enterprise Resource Planning is available for Large Enterprises. Commonly known as ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning is a unified management of business processes. Such management is using an ERP software with real-time posting.


What is ERP as a Business-Management Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning is an assortment of integrated applications use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from different business areas such as Manufacturing, Purchasing, Sales, Accounting, HR, Admin, Customer Service Management (CRM) etc. It is not just a flow of activities or information within the company but also manages connection to clients or customers.

Does ERP Software Limited to Large Companies?

The answer is No! Although ERP Software is costly for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), SMEs are also encouraged to capitalize in ERP. Mainly because to be prepared with future expansion and growth.

ERP Software also speeds up progress within the company for its numerous benefits. And since there are a lot of available free ERP Software providers in the Philippines that targets SMEs like QNE Software Philippines, Inc. , companies may then start from smaller packages and continue as they grow and require additional system features and upgrade.

How beneficial ERP Software to a Business?

Efficiency is one of the top benefits that a company will experience in Enterprise Resource Planning Software. With an ERP Software  free that can organize activities, link data and limit errors in transactions, company will significantly improve productivity.

Are you ready for ERP Software?

As an organization, here are the areas that must be considered in acquiring an ERP Software:

  • ERP Software Implementation takes time. It will depend on the number of modules, scope of process changes and the readiness of the users that has a big role in the implementation. Usually it will take six months up to more than a year.
  • Company must understand their needs and process before implementation. Enterprise Resource Planning Project may fail due to poor understanding of business process. Reasons may be infrastructure, training or lack of motivation.
  • Data Migration must also be prioritized even though it is one of the last procedures before the production. Company must keep in mind to determine the data to be migrated and the timing for migration because most of the time it requires the company to stop the business operations. Lastly define the data archiving policy.
  • Customization in Enterprise Resource Planning Software is quite tricky and sometimes it forces the company to certain workarounds to meet unique requirements.
  • Budget must also be taken into consideration in acquiring any type of ERP Software but there a lot of Software Companies in Philippines that provides cost-effective packages for businesses that requires a comprehensive system.
“Everyone has the KEY, it just a matter of USING it.” And for your organization ERP Software can be the KEY for greater breakthrough!

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