Getting BIR EIS Certified for an EIS Accounting System

Getting BIR EIS Certified for an EIS Accounting System
PUBLISHED: June 16, 2023

As a smart and government compliant entrepreneur belonging in the Large Taxpayer category, you might be looking up on how to streamline your business and investing in an EIS Accounting System, where it can address all your accounting and e-invoicing needs in one go. Before acquiring an EIS Accounting System, you must first get EIS Certified.


What is EIS Certification?

The EIS Certification platform serves as a comprehensive system for certifying EIS Accounting System developed by taxpayers and facilitating the issuance of the Permit to Transmit (PTT) for the required sales data. This platform enables taxpayers to undergo the certification process for their middleware, ensuring its compliance with applicable standards and regulations. Additionally, it streamlines the issuance of the PTT, which is necessary for transmitting sales data, thus providing a seamless and efficient workflow for taxpayers in meeting their obligations.

EIS Accounting System

What happens in the process of getting EIS Certified?

The BIR will assess whether both the middleware and the EIS Accounting System adhere to the stipulated requirements and standards set by the BIR. This evaluation aims to ensure that the middleware and the EIS Accounting System meet all the necessary criteria specified by the BIR in terms of compliance.

Upon successfully completing the mandatory test using the Sandbox of the EIS Certification Portal, taxpayers can request a Certificate as proof of compliance with the chosen EIS Accounting System. This Certificate serves as official documentation requested by the taxpayer, validating their adherence to the standards and requirements outlined by the EIS Certification Portal. It verifies that the chosen EIS Accounting System has met the necessary criteria and has been approved for use by the taxpayer.


How does one register for EIS Certification?

To begin the application process for EIS Certification for an EIS Accounting System, follow these steps:

Create an account by visiting https://eis-cert.bir.gov.ph or accessing the BIR Home Page and clicking on the EIS icon. Provide all the mandatory information and attach the relevant documents as required.

Once your account has been created and the necessary information has been provided, you can proceed with the certification process for your EIS Accounting System.

By following these steps, you can initiate the application for EIS Certification, ensuring that your EIS Accounting System undergoes the necessary evaluation and certification procedure. This will enable you to comply with the requirements and standards set forth by the certification process and the BIR.


In order to get certified for an EIS Accounting System, you must first prioritize its prerequisite–CAS also known as Computerized Accounting System. Getting CAS Registered is now easier with the assistance of QNE where you can be advised on your business requirements for BIR CAS while securing a BIR Ready and CAS Ready powerful Accounting System. Take your accounting to a whole new level and unleash the power of AI with QNE Cloud Accounting Software. Create your FREE Cloud Accounting Plan now!

EIS Accounting System

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