E-commerce: The New Business Normal (Importance of QNE Digital Portal)

Published: June 15, 2020

“PM is the key” – this phrase became prevalent in the online world. As the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world economy, businessmen found a way to still reach their markets – via Internet. When homes are closed and people are restricted to go outside everyone relied on the internet for their grocery items, household materials, food and every necessity found on the said platform. This incident paved way for the rise of E-commerce in the country.

Online platforms like Facebook, Lazada, Shopee and the like became the to-go of every businessman to showcase their products and services. These platforms offer the convenience to both entrepreneurs and customers to buy and sell products without leaving their homes.



Another online platform is QNE Digital Portal, a comprehensive digital platform where businesses can present their products and services while having full control of all their business transactions. How is that possible? QNE Digital Portal can also perform the following:

  1. Online Ordering System – track your customer’s orders with ease. QNE Digital Portal gives you the ability to track your customer’s orders from order placement, payment method to be used, up to the delivery or completion of the transaction.
  2. Online Customer Portal – your customer can create their accounts for easier transactions in the future
  3. Payment Terms and Credit Limit Control – with QNE Digital Portal, you can easily set your customer’s or reseller’s payment terms and credit limit this will help you to identify your customers who has overdue invoices and those who have reached their credit limit.
  4. Inventory Management – monitor your inventory real time with QNE Digital Portal, this will help you identify precisely all your inventoriable items in a system
  5. Integration with QNE Optimum Accounting System – QNE Digital Portal can be fully integrated to QNE Accounting System, with this your business can reach its full potential by having both an Online Platform and Business Software in one! Generate reports such as financial reports, BIR Forms and Reports and other analytical reports in just a click.

The world of business is changing fast, so should your approach in business. Go and grow your business online with QNE Digital Portal. For more information about QNE Accounting System and QNE Digital Portal for E-commerce, contact us at 09177104722 or email us at [email protected]. As the saying goes, “PM is the key”.