Distribution Management Philippines: Luxury or Necessity?

Distribution Management Philippines: Luxury or Necessity?
PUBLISHED: June 28, 2021

With the growing competition in the market, businesses will really need to step up their game. From their marketing campaigns and gimmicks, product developments, up to timely and proper distribution management, companies will have to make sure that everything really goes according to plan. But what actually is distribution management Philippines and is having a system designed for this type of process a luxury or necessity for businesses?

Distribution Management Philippines

Distribution Management Philippines

Distribution Management is the overall process of supervising the movement of the goods from the supplier or manufacturer to wholesaler or retailer that later on will be delivered to the end consumers. This refers to a number of activities such as packaging, inventory, supply chain, warehousing, and logistics.

Importance of Distribution Management

It is important to have a clear and functional distribution management Philippines not only to keep the company running and profit increasing but also to make sure that with proper organization, all of the company’s efforts in putting up and making the product will not go to waste.

Distribution Management Philippines Challenges

Growing business means more customers, more customer means more earning, and more earning means the business is succeeding. But in order to achieve customer satisfaction, efficient management needs to be present. What exactly are the challenges that distributors have to go through?

  1. Transportation – part of an efficient distribution system is making sure that all modes of transportation carrying the goods will make an on-time delivery. While unforeseen events such as flat tires, engine failure and more can be inevitable, having a back-up plan to ensure that the delivery will proceed is important.
  2. Market Situation – economic changes and challenges such as change in supply and demand, and prices will really affect the way companies handle and the most out of every situation.
  3. Customer Satisfaction – making sure that the products will reach the customers is the primary goal of all distributors and making sure this happens needs effective distribution management because in the game of business, speed is in need.

Distribution Management Philippines System

No doubt a person with the right amount of experience can create a well-organized distribution plan for a company but sometimes things can get out of hand. From a simple human error to a bigger one that can affect the company’s operation, having a distribution management system or inventory management system is a necessity for a company. This will help company’s monitor the day-to-day activities and generate essential reports by just simply viewing a screen. This will also aid in making sound decisions that will either make or break a company. What are the things a company should look for in finding the appropriate distribution management system?

    1. System Security – data is as important as the company’s existence and putting the data into the wrong hands can be dangerous. That’s why in choosing a distribution management system, it is important to know is the is secured.
    2. System Integration – ability to be easily integrated to other software or programs is a must.
    3. System Capabilities – another important aspect to look at the capability of the system to address all the distribution system challenges that the company is facing or else the system will be useless.
    4. System Implementation – a system will be as useless as its incapacity to serve its main purpose if not implemented properly.

Regardless of having a distribution management Philippines system or not, companies must ensure the appropriate planning, monitoring and executing a distribution management to guarantee not just the continuous company sales but also customer satisfaction with is as significant.

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Distribution Management

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