3 Benefits of Online Customer Portal That Will Help You Grow Your Online Business

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3 Benefits of Online Customer Portal That Will Help You Grow Your Online Business
PUBLISHED: March 11, 2021

With the internet and just a few clicks or taps, people can purchase anything from food, grocery items, household materials, toiletries and even services. Nowadays when businesses shifted from offline to online, having an online customer portal has become a necessity rather than a luxury to business owners. Consumers today expect companies to have their own customer portal where they can raise their concerns, access their data, and even check their status when purchasing goods rather than trying to contact and wait for support assistance or sales representatives.

As the rise of the “self-service” customers, companies are expected to have their own online customer portal where customers and companies can perform the task they want conveniently.


A customer portal is self-service web-based platform where customer can access their data about their previous and current transactions with one company. May it be a request for support assistance, customer’s personal documents concerning the company, managing and tracking order status and delivery and even reading relevant news or articles.

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  1. B2B Customer Portal – is a portal that is typically owned by one company where they can manage their customers, resellers and dealers and let them have the freedom to perform activities such as placing of orders, tracking of its progress, and view their historical transactions. An example of this is Shopify and QNE Digital.
  1. B2C Customer Portal – is similar to a B2B Portal but is most of the time a website where a lot of merchants present their products to a wide range of customers, typically like Shopee, Lazada and the like.
  1. Service Customer Portal – is a portal purposely designed to accommodate customer’s or client’s concerns with regards to the products and services provided by the company. Support ticketing system like Freshdesk is great example of this.


Improves Customer Experience – companies who have their own customer portal – whichever the type is applicable for them – can help improve their customer’s overall experience. Instead of taking time on waiting for the company’s representative to answer the customer’s concerns, a customer portal can accommodate their concerns right away. With this, customer will more likely to be happy with the company’s total service experience.

Helps Create Better Customer Relationships – with the convenience brought by the application, customers are more likely to feel satisfied with the company’s service. This is will create a bond between the company and customers, a relationship that will help the company establish its brand.

Futureproofing Business – in today’s age, companies can do nothing but innovate. Innovate where not far from the future, most transactions will be automated. And to be able to withstand the fast-changing technology, equipping a company with the right customer portal can definitely help them thrive.

QNE Digital Portal is a comprehensive ecommerce platform that businesses can showcase their products and services while having full control of all their business transactions.


  1. Online Ordering System – track customer’s orders with ease! QNE Digital Portal gives the ability to track customer’s orders from order placement, payment method to be used, up to the delivery or completion of the transaction.
  1. Online Customer Portal – customers can create their accounts for easier transactions in the future and resellers can be easily identified by the company.
  1. Payment Terms and Credit Limit Control – with QNE Digital Portal, businesses can easily set customer’s or reseller’s payment terms and credit limit that will help them to identify the customers who has overdue invoices and those who have reached their credit limit.
  1. Inventory System Management – monitor company’s inventory real time with QNE Digital! This will help business owners identify precisely all the inventoriable items in a system
  1. Integration with QNE Optimum Accounting System – QNE Digital Portal can be fully integrated to QNE Accounting System, with this, businesses can reach its full potential by having both an Ecommerce Platform and Business Solution in one!
  1. Generation of Reports – Generate reports such as financial reports, BIR Forms and Reports and other analytical reports in just a click.


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