Computerized Accounting System in the Philippines: Facts and Fictions

Computerized Accounting System in the Philippines: Facts and Fictions
PUBLISHED: March 18, 2022

There are many speculations when it comes to using a Computerized Accounting System in the Philippines specifically talking about the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s criteria and requirements. But what is actually a Computerized Accounting System in the Philippines? According to BIR, it is the integration of different component systems to produce computerized books of accounts and/or computer-generated accounting records, documents and reports.

Computerized Accounting System in the Philippines

BIR CAS Application can be tricky especially without knowing it first-hand and listening to hearsay is not really advisable. Below are some statements and brief explanation on why it is a fact or a fiction.

Statement Fact or Fiction Explanation
Applying for BIR Computerized Accounting System is FREE FACT The application process is definitely free. No fees shall be paid when doing so. QNE Software offers free assistance in completing the necessary requirements in order to apply for CAS.
There is no approved or accredited Accounting Software by BIR FACT Yes, there is no actual BIR endorsed, approved, or accredited accounting software in the country. That is why application for CAS is in place in order for the bureau to thoroughly check the system and its features.
Applying for CAS is EASY FACT Indeed! Applying for CAS especially when your chosen software provider has several approved CAS Clients and having complete requirements will really speed up the process.
Small Businesses don’t need to apply for CAS FICTION Any business – big or small – who wants to automate their accounts or use e-invoicing shall apply for the Authority to Adopt Computerized Accounting System or Components.
Applying for CAS takes a long time FICTION QNE Software with more than years of experience in the field, only takes 3 business days to have a CAS Application Approved. Take note that having the right and adequate requirements adds up to that.
Using ATP (Authority to Print) even if CAS Approved FACT This usually serves for back-up purposes in case unforeseen events happen.

It is good to know some facts and fictions about the Application for Computerized Accounting System in the Philippines. It is also important to use the right and compliant software to aid business’ operation.

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Computerized Accounting System in the Philippines

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