Top 8 Common Questions about ERP Software


For Business Owners and Accounting Professionals who do not have technical knowledge ERP Software must be new or complicated but here are some questions and answers that may help you understand ERP Software better.


1. What is the meaning of ERP?

  • ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning.

2. What is ERP Software?

  • ERP Software is a business process management wherein a company or an organization use a system wherein different applications are integrated to achieve a seamless and automated transactions for sales, inventory, human resource etc.

3. How ERP Software works?

  • To simplify existing workflow ERP Software is implemented. It uses a centralized database for different business units like Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Customer Relations Management, Human Resource etc.

4. Is ERP Software applicable to all companies?

  • Though ERP Software is commonly used for Enterprise Level businesses. There are also Small and Medium Sized companies that are using ERP Software. Cost may be a big concern to those companies but in terms of benefits it reciprocated.

5. Are there ERP Software providers in the Philippines?

  • Yes, SAP is one of the well-known ERP Software in the Philippines in terms of capability and number of users.

6. How much ERP Software costs?

  • ERP Software cost may vary from business to business but to give a ballpark figure, ERP Software may be a million and up depending on the complexity of the company’s requirements.

7. How long does it take to implement an ERP Software?

  • Timeframe in implementing an ERP Software will still depend on how large or small the scope of the ERP Software. Implementation usually includes, Business Planning, Trainings, Go Live and Fine-tuning.

8. What is an ERP Software Experience?

  • As an owner, who is in the midst of deciding if the company needs an ERP Software. Imagine an Eagle, considered as the King as he sees from above all the events not just in the jungle but also the things that happens outside that has a direct effect in his habitat. Realize the power an ERP may give you?

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