How Business Software helps Online Businesses Gain Profit?

Published: AUGUST 24, 2020


With the emergence of Online Business in the Philippines due the face-to-face selling limitation because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, How Business Software helps Online Businesses Gain Profit? Does Business Software benefits reciprocate the investment made? In this blog article let us discuss the Benefits of a Business Software for businesses online.

  1. Effective Online Platform – Most of online businesses or even SMEs simply provide their product details in their website and social media accounts like Facebook but these platforms have its limitations in terms of automating the orders of the customers. A Business Software with Online Ordering System can help in gathering orders, keeping track of the customer’s data, managing payments and generating sales reports. With this feature your customers will have an ease in transactions and definitely will be back for more because of smooth process.
  1. Reduce Cost – If you are still managing your business in a traditional way, you already know the hassle of manually taking orders of all your customers and checking if their orders are still available and of it is delivered on time. While if you have a Business Software you can save time and manpower because orders were received in an online portal wherein no need to check the physical count of items because the system keeps track of the available balances.
  1. Happy Customers – By having an available Business Software your business can serve your customers faster anytime and anywhere. Convenience at its finest because each of your customer can transact with you through their mobile phones and they can also monitor their order status, no need for them to queue up in your physical store.
  1. More Opportunities – Due to the easier and faster transactions generated by a Business Software, there will be a window of opportunities for your business. You can exert more effort in marketing and you now have time to explore into other business ventures that will help your business to be more profitable and scalable.

Here in the Philippines, QNE Software introduces a Business Software called QNE Digital, it is an online portal that includes the following features:

  • Online Ordering System – allows your customer to place orders online and  look up for product information while you can review your customer’s  specific order, payment and delivery arrangement.
  • Online Customer Portal – A self-service customer platform that provides a single point of access to company information that is relevant to your customers, such as invoices, deliveries, orders and online payments.
  • Payment Terms and Credit Control Limit – An integrated channel that allows you to set multiple payment method (eg. COD, Online transfer, E-wallet or Paypal) and can set Credit limit to your customers to control credit sales.
  • Multi-Level Pricing – allows you to set multiple pricing roles per item or per group of customers, ideally used for promos and special holiday sale.
  • Seamless integration with your Accounting System – QNE-Digital integrates with your choice of API Integration Ready Accounting System, data will be automatically synchronized with real-time posting to your own Accounting System. 
  • Generate Report for Analysis – transactions online will be posted automatically and relevant Sales and Inventory Reports can be generated real-time. 
  • Real time posting to Accounting System – An end-to-end digital process is a vital strategy in doing business nowadays. With QNE-Digital your choice of API Integration Ready Accounting System

To know more about QNE Digital Solution, you may call us at 09177104722 or email us at [email protected] or visit https://digital.qne.cloud for FREE TRIAL!