Budget-friendly Software Companies in the Philippines



In acquiring a business software, decision makers always consider the budget or the amount of money they need to invest in a business software. Especially at this time when businesses are conservative and reluctant to invest because they must secure cash just in case the current worldwide crisis due to COVID-19 will take longer.

QNE Software Philippines, Inc. is one of the local business software players in the Philippines that offers Budget-friendly packages that suit the requirements of the local businesses. QNE Accounting System is a complete business software that can handle finances, sales, purchases up to inventory. It is made primarily for Philippine businesses because it complies with the Philippine Government requirements like Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). The Business Software also can generate monthly, yearly and comparison financial reports real-time.


For QNE Business Software there is no monthly subscription – perpetual license is included in the Business Software package. Businesses will no longer worry for their monthly fees that may cause pending business transactions and hassle in monthly payment responsibility.

QNE Accounting System as a Business Software, can cater to different business nature from Accounting Services up to Manufacturing. QNE Accounting Software covers a complex business requirements and it is easy to upgrade if ever there is a need for higher Business Software package that includes additional feature and modules.

Plus, the all Filipino Support Team, there is no worry for the businesses to call for assistance, to escalate complicated system concerns and to communicate because a team of knowledgeable Support Consultants will be available to help.

QNE Software Philippines Inc. is the company that continues to develop business software for those companies who are thinking of their budget and QNE makes sure to provide the best service that the Filipinos deserve.

To know more about our accounting software, you may call us at 09177104722 or email us at [email protected]