In the Know: BIR VAT Relief

In the Know: BIR VAT Relief
PUBLISHED: July 2, 2021

What is BIR VAT Relief?

The word “Relief” means the Reconciliation of Listings for Enforcement. This supports the third-party information program system of the Bureau by means of cross referencing the third-party information from the taxpayers’ submitted Summary Listing of Sales and Purchases (SLSP).

BIR VAT Relief

Who are required to comply?

All VAT taxpayers with a total of quarterly sales or receipts exceeding ₱2,500,000.00 are obliged to submit quarterly summary list of sales. Whereas those with a total of quarterly purchases exceeding ₱1,000,000.00 are required to submit quarterly summary list of purchases. 

When to comply with BIR VAT Relief?

BIR requires all VAT-registered taxpayers to submit to the RDO or LTDO or LTAD having jurisdiction over the taxpayer on or before the 25th day of the month following the close of each taxable quarter.

What are the Summary Lists required to be submitted?

    • Quarterly Summary List of Sales to Regular Buyers/Customers and Casual Buyers/Customers and Output Tax;
    • Quarterly Summary List of Local Purchases and Input tax; and
    • Quarterly Summary List of Importation

How to file/submit the Quarterly Summary List of Sales and Purchases (BIR VAT Relief)?

Through the electronic filing system facility for taxpayers under the jurisdiction of Large Taxpayers Service (LTS) and those enrolled under the EFPS. The VAT relief DAT files can be emailed to [email protected] subject for verification and approval of BIR.

Penalty for Failure to Submit

₱1,000 for the failure to file, keep or supply the required documents and intentional failure to keep any record or to supply the information at the time or times required shall be subject to = criminal penalty under the Tax Code of 1997.

Definition of Terms

Casual Buyers and/or Customers – the buyers and/or customers who are engaged in exercise of profession or business but did not qualify as regular buyers and/or customers. ₱100,000 or more is the amount of individual transaction but they did not qualify as regular buyers and/or customers.

Regular Buyers and/or Customers – the buyers/customers who are involved in business or exercise of profession in which the taxpayer has transacted for at least six (6) times in the current year or previous year, regardless of the amount of any sale per transaction. 

Sample DAT File Generated in QNE System

BIR Vat Relief

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VAT Relief

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