Are you Ready for BIR Computerized Accounting System?

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) requires all Large Taxpayers in the Philippines to use a BIR Accounting System or Computerized Accounting System or CAS for an accurate, secure and reliable tax audits…

Are you Ready for BIR Computerized Accounting System?

BIR Computerized Accounting System or CAS is now a requirement by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to all Large Taxpayers in the Philippines, to use for an accurate, secure and reliable tax audits. Large Taxpayers or those companies who have been classified as such in accordance with the criteria under Revenue Regulations No. 1-1998 (RR No. 1-98), and has been duly notified by the BIR must acquire and use a BIR CAS which is vital for their business process. BIR CAS can manage all the daily transactions, organize the operations and assure that transactions and postings are compliant with the BIR rulings.

Computerized Accounting System

The necessary forms and reports in a BIR Computerized Accounting System

Financial Reports

    • General Journal
    • Cash Receipt Journal
    • Cash Disbursement Journal
    • Sales Journal
    • Purchase Journal
    • General Ledger
    • Subsidiary Ledger of Debtor
    • Subsidiary Ledger of Creditor
    • Trial Balance
    • Statement of Financial Position
    • Statement of Comprehensive Income.

Report Summary

    • Summary List of Sales (SLS)
    • Summary List of Purchases (SLP)
    • Semestral List of Regular Suppliers (SRS)

Data Files

    • RELIEF Sales Data File
    • RELIEF Purchases Data File
    • QAP Data File
    • Annual Witholding Tax Data File (1604E)
    • SAWT Data File

Forms and Certificates

    • BIR Form 2550M
    • BIR Form 2550Q
    • BIR Form 1601-EQ
    • BIR Form 0619-E
    • BIR Form 1604-E
    • BIR Form 2307

Currently, the process for BIR Computerized Accounting System accreditation is extensive and lengthy due to many applications in line. Therefore, Large Taxpayers must take note of the penalties if they will use a BIR Computerized Accounting System that is not yet accredited by the Bureau.

The penalties are as follows in pursuant to RMO 1-90, as amended by RMO 56-2000:

  1. P25,000 on the first offense
  2. P50,000 on the second offense
  3. If a taxpayer generates a sales invoice or official receipt from an unauthorized Computerized Accounting System, there will be a penalty of P1,000 for each document issued. However, the maximum penalty shall not exceed P25,000 per year.

Though delays in BIR CAS Accreditation is challenging for the Large Tax Payers, we still hope for a more effective accreditation process will be available. There is a proposed regulation to accredit the BIR CAS Suppliers to make the steps easier for all.

We must take note that innovation must be embraced in order to improve bookkeeping and business process in the Philippines.

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