BIR Compliant Accounting System



Do you know that there are many BIR Compliant Accounting System available in the Philippines? For businesses in the Philippines, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) requires Large Taxpayers to implement a BIR Computerized Accounting System (CAS) for recording of business transactions and report generation.

If CAS BIR requirements were met by the Accounting Software, it can be concluded that the System is a BIR Compliant Accounting System. Usual functions, features and output of a BIR Compliant Accounting System includes recording of Books of Accounts, BIR Forms and Reports, Audit Trail, Modular Reports and Forms.

BIR Compliant Accounting Software

QNE Optimum Accounting System is one of the leading BIR Compliant Accounting System in the country. QNE Software Philippines, Inc. developed BIR-Ready Accounting Software that easily adapts to the BIR requirements.

QNE Optimum Accounting System Modules:

  1. General Ledger – recording or summary of financial transactions
  2. Accounts Receivable – under current assets, this is record of Customers balance
  3. Accounts Payable – under current liabilities, this is the record of the company’s debts and obligations to the suppliers
  4. Sales – revenues earned through selling of goods and services
  5. Purchases – purchases of assets or inventory
  6. Inventory – involves goods or items used for sales and production

QNE Optimum as a BIR Compliant Accounting System

QNE Optimum Accounting System maintains Financial, Sales, Purchases and Inventory data that are important for reporting.

This Accounting System can record VAT and Withholding Taxes for each form based on the latest TRAIN Law computation. The updated BIR Table for VAT and Withholding Tax is available in QNE Optimum and it automatically compute and record the data in the books of accounts like BIR VAT Relief, BIR SAWT and more.

QNE Accounting System can also record all the operations done in the database giving the company a comprehensive Audit Trail report that includes essential details like date stamp, username, machine, event etc.

QNE Accounting System can manage Sales and Purchases records through accountable forms which includes Invoices, Bills, Official Receipts, Payment Voucher and Delivery Order.

QNE as BIR Accounting System can also produce important BIR Forms and Reports such as, Summary List of Sales (SLS), Summary List of Purchases (SLP), Semestral List of Regular Suppliers (SRS) BIR Form 2550M, BIR Form 2550Q, BIR Form 1601-EQ, BIR Form 0619-E, BIR Form 1604-E, BIR Certificate 2307 and DAT Files.

QNE Consultants also provide assistance for BIR CAS Application, which includes documentation, meetings and demos.

If you are interested in upgrading to a BIR-Ready Online Accounting System, QNE Software PH is offering a FREE 1-on-1 Consultation with QNE Experts. Take this opportunity to explore and discover how QNE can help your business. Signup now.

BIR Compliant Accounting Software