BIR Accredited Accounting Software 2022

BIR Accredited Accounting Software 2022
PUBLISHED: November 18, 2022

In doing business, a more important thing than the company’s resources is its compliance. Compliance with the bodies governing their jurisdiction specifically with the BIR. And with the New BIR Commissioner, Ms. Lilia Guillermo’s vision and roadmap of BIR towards digitalization, it is utmost important that businesses start to align their tools such as accounting software to be CAS BIR Ready. In this article, we will look at the BIR Accredited Accounting Software in the Philippines and what to look for in order to get the Best Business Software for Small Business.

BIR Accredited Accounting Software

BIR CAS Application

In order to be a BIR Accredited Accounting Software, a software shall be ready for BIR CAS Application. CAS or Computerized Accounting System is an accounting software that enables an organization to generate timely reports such as financial reports, BIR report summary, DAT files, BIR VAT Relief, and forms and reports like BIR Form 2307 and more.

Reports Generation

Sample reports generated in a BIR Accredited Accounting Software are:


Financial Reports

  • General Journal
  • Cash Receipt Journal
  • Cash Disbursement Journal
  • Sales Journal
  • Purchase Journal
  • General Ledger
  • Subsidiary Ledger of Debtor
  • Subsidiary Ledger of Creditor
  • Trial Balance
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Statement of Comprehensive Income

Report Summary

  • Summary List of Sales (SLS)
  • Summary List of Purchases (SLP)
  • Semestral List of Regular Suppliers (SRS)

Data Files

  • RELIEF Sales Data File
  • RELIEF Purchases Data File
  • QAP Data File
  • Annual Witholding Tax Data File (1604E)
  • SAWT Data File

Forms and Certificates

  • BIR Form 2550M
  • BIR Form 2550Q
  • BIR Form 1601-EQ
  • BIR Form 0619-E
  • BIR Form 1604-E
  • BIR Form 2307

API Integration

Application Programming Interface or API allows a software to connect or integrate with other software. And with the latest Electronic Invoicing System or EIS BIR – a system that is able to store and analyze data that the required taxpayers submit through their Sales Data Transmission System, BIR Accredited Accounting Software need to be API integration ready.

Although, to this date, BIR does not have a specific list of certified or accredited accounting software, they are looking for the quality of the system mentioned above in order to be BIR CAS Approved. Large taxpayers in particular are under the microscope by the bureau for their compliance.

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BIR Accredited Accounting Software

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