Top 4 Best Software for Retail Business Philippines

Top 4 Best Software for Retail Business Philippines
PUBLISHED: September 3, 2021

One of the key aspects in having a successful business is investing in a reliable business to help keep the business running no matter what. This process does entail cost for the company but it will definitely support the company in achieving its goals may it long term or short term. But how can a company identify the best software for retail business? Below are the top 4 best software for retail business Philippines.

Best Software for Retail Business Philippines

QNE Software

QNE Software which is a local software from the Philippines is one of the best software for retail business Philippines providers that carries accounting and inventory software, payroll software, and digital portal. It is also known for its localized system that helps accountants and business owners comply with the fast-changing taxation policies in the country with ease. QNE Software also has a team of experts delivering the best customer experience to its clients. Why choose QNE Software?

  • Tailored-fit to Philippine Setting – beat the deadlines by easily generating governmental reports like SSS, PAG-IBIG, PhilHealth, BIR Forms, Reports, and DAT Files in a few clicks.
  • Cost-effective – QNE Software offers perpetual license to its clients minimizing the long-term expense that the clients will face.
  • Reliable Software and Consultants – aside from being BIR-Ready and tailored-fit to Philippines, QNE’s business solution has the capabilities for inventory tracking, multi-currency, landed cost, manufacturing module, and more. Add to that a team of dependable business consultants that will guide the business along the way.
  • Accessibility – QNE Accounting and Inventory Software can be accessed both via offline and online connection. Add to that its capability to be access on different devices like laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile. While others can be only access via online or with internet connection.


Developed and marketed by Intuit from the USA, QuickBooks accounting software another best software for retail business Philippines is designed to aid SMEs and offers on-premise accounting as well as cloud-based versions which accepts payments, bills management, and payroll functions. Why choose QuickBooks?

  • Flexible Pricing – with QuickBooks offering subscription plans, clients have the freedom to subscribe and unsubscribe to the services anytime.
  • Inventory Management – generate real-time inventory automatically whenever products or services are purchased or sold.
  • Cloud-based – log in from PC, Mac or other devices to access data anytime and anywhere such as payments, entries, invoices, bills, and reports.


A New Zealand technology company that offers cloud-based accounting software platform intended for small and medium sized businesses. Xero products are on a software as a service (SaaS) based model and sold on subscription plans. Xero is distributed on over 180 countries with more than 2 million global users. Why choose Xero?

  • Affordable – users can start using Xero for just ₱2,000.00 a month. Ideal for businesses in the retails industry to try.
  • Bank Feeds – have automatic bank reconciliation to keep finances up-to-date
  • Online Invoicing – Xero’s online invoicing tools let clients send merchants payments details quickly, create personalized templates, and reminder customers.

Oracle NetSuite

One of the best software for retail business Philippines is a cloud computing company from the USA which provided software and services to manage business operations, finances, and customer relations. Also made for SMEs with solutions such as ERP, CRM, PSA, inventory and warehouse management, and e-commerce. Why choose Oracle NetSuite?

  • Designed for growth – NetSuite may be an immense and complex system for most small businesses but by adding and customizing its functionalities, it supports the company’s overall growth and development.
  • Dynamic – aside from accounting and inventory software, it also provides ERP, CRM and e-commerce software for all types of businesses.
  • Dependable – with more than two decades in the market, NetSuite has proven its name with users all over the world.

How to choose the Best Software for Retail Business Philippines?

  1. Assess – the company should first know and identify the need for the software in order to easily pick which software provider to choose.
  2. Explore – mentioned above are some of the best software for retail business Philippines that provides different functions, features, and is suitable to different types of businesses. It is up to the company on which company to contact.
  3. Choose – after contacting and weighing the differences of each software available in the market, the company just simply have to choose which one is the best software for retail business Philippines.

QNE offers a 60-days FREE Inventory Software Philippines License to let you experience the change that it can bring to your organization! Sign up now. Click the image below!

Best Software for Retail Business Philippines

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