Best Business Software for Cash Flow Management

Published: MAY 25, 2020


Cash is King as the saying goes, in times of crisis and global recession how will you able to manage your Cash Flow effectively. Know the Best Business Software for Cashflow Management!

First let’s talk about the disadvantages of using Excel for Cash Flow Forecast:


  1. Prone to Error – manual encoding is prone to human error and copy paste function may result to wrong formulas and computations.
  2. Lack of Integration – if the data is in excel it cannot be updated by the team and data is not centralized.
  3. Security is at stake – excel files can be easily accessed and has more risk due to lack of security feature.
  4. Expensive – using excel is free but it may entail a lot for manpower and cost for errors.

These concerns can be solved using a business software that may help you manage your Cash Flow and one this business software is QNE Accounting Software. A tailored-fit software in Philippine settings. What are the main benefits QNE Accounting System’s Cash Flow Forecast Feature?

  1. Efficiency – for an Accountants or a Finance Manager generation of Cash Flow Forecast may take weeks or sometimes months but in QNE Cash Flow Forecast, there’s no need to setup formulas and accurate and real-time results will be generated.
  2. Data Security – QNE Accounting System has an Audit Trail and Access Rights Control feature that helps the Admin secure the company’s data. An SQL Database was also used for proper data handling.
  3. Consolidated Data – when working on excel, the data is not centralized hence in QNE Accounting System updates from different branches or departments will be reflected real-time.
  4. Long-term and complete system – QNE Accounting System has Sales, Purchase and Inventory Modules not just the Cash Flow Forecast Feature. It can also generate Financial and BIR Reports that are vital in company’s growth and government compliance.

If you want to know more about QNE Accounting Software’s Cash Flow Forecast Module, schedule a Free Demo now! You may reach us at 09177104722 or email us at [email protected]