Advantages of Software Companies for the Philippine Businesses

Published: APRIL 20, 2020

To some businesses in the Philippines, a software or an Accounting and Inventory Software is the life-blood of their operations especially for Trading and Distribution Companies. Mainly because Accounting and Inventory Software, kept the flow of data in order and also, it monitors the in and out of inventory that is helpful on decision making of the key persons.

Software Companies in the Philippines makes sure that they provide most of the specific requirements of a business. These requirements usually cover Reports, System Control and Operations. QNE Software Philippines, Inc. is among the Software Companies in the Philippines that provide Accounting and Inventory System. The others are Quickbooks and SAP.

Let’s enumerate the advantages of having a tailored-fit Accounting and Inventory System in the face of QNE Software Philippines:


  1. Locally developed System that follows the requirements of a Philippine Business.
  2. Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) compliant through proper and accurate computation of Value Added Tax (VAT) and Withholding Tax (WTAX).
  3. Proper Inventory Management with multi-warehouse feature that keep track of available Inventory Balances per location.
  4. Complete set of Financial Reports that’s important for Government submissions.
  5. Online Ready! QNE Software Philippines is one of the few Software providers that offers hybrid, businesses have an option to choose from local to online system.

The advantage of Online Accounting Software is eliminating the hassle of employees if they are working from home because with QNE Online Accounting and Inventory System, employees can encode and generate reports anytime and anywhere. Plus giving all the business owners the freedom to go on a vacation but still having a view of what’s happening in the company.

Truly, Software companies like QNE Software Philippines plays a vital role in helping a business grow. See for yourself! Contact QNE Software Philippines now, you may reach us at 09177104722 or email us at [email protected]