About QNE

Company Profile

When it first took notice the need of business solutions in the growing small and medium enterprises (SME) market in the Philippines, a Malaysian investor and a Filipino partner decided to incorporate QNE Software Philippines, Inc. last December 2007; a local arm of one of the leading business solutions provider in Malaysia, QNE Software Sdn. Bhd. QNE Software Philippines, Inc. since then aims to develop accounting, inventory and payroll systems that meet the requirements of local businesses from start-ups to major corporations. Currently having offices in Manila and Cebu, on its way to setup offices all over Philippines e.g. Davao, Iloilo, Naga, Bacolod, Cagayan de Oro etc.

QNE Software Philippines, Inc. has understood this clearly and has worked out its strategies in this digital era and is committed to provide the most efficient and effective Information Technology (IT) services to the local and international IT industry. QNE Software Philippines, Inc.’s main aim is to actively participate in developing business solutions; permanent place in the e-commerce industry as a leading Information Technology (IT) house that will provide a range of solutions to assist various industries that will directly support South East Asia's endeavor towards a-Knowledge based economy. QNE Software Philippines, Inc. will strive to offer a broad spectrum of products and services centering on accounting and business management software used by businesses in this region. With this time span, QNE Software Philippines, Inc. creates a mark in different business industry here in Philippine market and has acquired more than 500 clients across the entire Philippines. QNE is now the leading accounting software in Cebu, Manila, Davao, Iloilo, Naga, Bacolod and Cagayan de Oro.

QNE Software Philippines, Inc. yearns to go as far as its mother company in Malaysia known as QNE Software Sdn. Bhd. which has over ten (10) years experience in developing high quality business software solutions using innovative and creative applications and outstanding customer service.

QNE Software Philippines, Inc. is poised to take a giant leap to achieve its target to be the premier accounting and business management solutions provider in South East Asia, Singapore and Brunei. By taking advantage of existing multimedia and information technology and also developing new technological solutions, QNE Software Philippines, Inc. is dedicated to provide well proven software solutions to suit its clientele business needs and cater for future expansion.

We understand that every business needs different and special requirement when it comes in choosing the right business software solutions to be used by them. We make sure that our group of certified software professionals carefully analyze and scrutinize all the products that we carry to provide the best business software solutions and we pride ourselves with our commitment to after sales support.


Company Vision:

To be the leading Business Software Solutions provider in local and international market; by delivering: Creative and innovative applications, superior after sales support and sustainable customers' satisfaction to our clients.


Company Mission:

Our mission is to have strong relationship with business channels, partners and customers to provide wider coverage which allows QNE support to be faster and more effective. We aspire to achieve customer satisfaction with our after sales support through the enthusiasm, vast technical expertise and business experience.