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QnE Accounting Software

QnE Accounting Software is, by far, the most client-oriented Accounting Software in Philippines. As a matter of fact, it was specifically developed to meet local business requirements and offers a series of outstanding features, thus turning QnE into the best Philippines account software system.

QnE Accounting Software is an ongoing proven program which includes SQL Client/Server databases. In addition to that, it offers the possibility to the Philippines accounting software in Cloud. Qne is most important provider of Accounting System in Philippines and, as a consequence, it offers the newest cloud-computing technology in the country. In a similar manner, QnE is the top Philippines accounting software, as well as SQL Windows accounting software supplier, in the country. The software it develops is in accordance with the International Accounting Laws and Practices. Furthermore, it is offered in various packages, in order to meet a variety of business requirements.

QnE does not stand only for accounting tools - it enables you to make use of analytic features that include cash-flow status, financial forecast, revenue estimator, stock breakeven point and stock without movement, along with a series of other tools designed to support the growth of your business. Due to the capacity of its analytic features, QnE is without any doubt the leading Philippines business software.


QnE Philippines Payroll Software

QnE Payroll Software Philippines is the most user friendly payroll software in Philippines, the system come with the latest technology and design exclusively for business in Philippines.

The QnE Payroll software is a comprehensive Payroll and Human Resource system designed to process information with the greatest of ease.  With its fully customizable, elegant user-friendly interface and reports, makes QnE Payroll the number 1 Philippines payroll software and the most cost-efficient Philippines payroll system in the market today




iCCTV Intelligence Security Software

This software is specially design for parents and business owner. iCCTV is a monitoring software that helps you to monitor your employee or children which the system’s recorder will continually takes screenshots of whatever is on the computer screen. Screen shots can be taken as frequently as once a second. iCCTV gives you an exact visual details of what your employees or even your children are doing on the computer.


QnE Accounting System Promo

Best Deal Ever.. Simpler and Cheaper Accounting Software in Philippine Market Today!

Composes of the ff:

  • General Ledger (Journal Voucher, Bank Reconciliation, Financial Reports)
  • Accounts Receivable (Invoicing, Official Receipt, Credit Note/Debit Note and AR Reports)
  • Accounts Payable (Billing, Payment Voucher, Credit/Debit Note and AP Reports)
  • Vat and Wtax Ready (VAT Summary and Details for Output and Input Vat)


It comes with free training and implementation plus one year support services for only Php25,000.00.

Contact our sales consultant for a free demo!


QnE Payroll System Promo

Complete Payroll Package for just only Php10,000.
With HRIS Module, DTR,  Payroll Management and ready for BIR, SSS, PHIC and HDMF reports and it comes with free training and one year support services.

Contact our sales consultant for free demo!


Modules Comparison


General Ledger
Account Receivables
Account Payable
Terms Control Checking    
Reset Monthly No.
Report Writer (Business Doc)
Report Writer (All Report)        
Credit Limit Control Checking    
Multi Project  
Multi Company  
Customer Sales History  
Supplier Purchases History  
User Defined Fields    
Multi Location      
Partial Delivery        
Price Group        
Stock Bundling        
Packing UOM        
Stock Transfer        
Stock Assembly        
Negative Stock Level Checking        
Re-order Level Checking        
Cost Secret Code        
Customer Item Code        
Supplier Item Code        
Substitute Item        
Serial Number        
Bill of Material        
Import & Export        
Additional Credit Limit        
Landing Cost          
Batch No./Lot No.          
Price Book          
Discount Book          
Price Tag          
Production Batch Control          
Purchases Requisitions Control          
User Default Forms Printing          
Accrual Stock Receive Posting          
Withholding Tax Module


Facts about QnE

Real-time Processing

QnE modules are fully integrated. When you update the information in the system, all other related area will be instantly updated.


Typical accounting systems are based on file-based systems that move the entire data over the network. However, QnE is based on client-server that only sent. SQL queries to the server, thus, heavy data processing over the network will be much faster.

Data Size Handling

With SQL client/server database, QnE handles much higher data limit compare to file based systems

Database Recovery

In a file-based system environment, should the client’s computer, network or server failed during data updating process, the entire database may be easily corrupted. However this is unlikely for QnE when an UPS is installed in the dedicated server.

Scheduled Backup

QnE allows users to perform scheduled backup at a specified time without having the on-line user to exit from the system.




We understand your business needs; hence we always ready here to support you.

We are professional team certified by CMMi which is a process improvement approach that provides organizations with the essential elements for effective process improvement. CMMi is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.

We believe that with our proficient people, we able to provide you the best service to you.

The following services are provided to you to ensure your business run smoothly.

  1. Consultation
  2. Installation
  3. Training
  4. Forms Customization
  5. Recovery of Database
  6. On-site Troubleshooting
  7. Software Upgrading
  8. Fixing of Bugs

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